Posted: June 24, 2013

Have you ever had your mower blade checked to ensure it is sharp enough to cut your grass correctly? Did you know that a dull mower blade can cause damage to grass which can lead to greater turf maintenance costs and requirements? Hopefully you've answered "Yes!" to the above questions, but if not (or even if you did...), please, read on!

Regardless of how sharp you keep your mower blade, every time you mow the turfgrass is put through a period of "shock" from the cutting. When a blade of grass is severed the remaining grass plant must go through a period of healing to seal the cut. A sharp blade cuts cleanly through the grass blade and leaves a nice, straight slice which minimizes the shock to the plant and the time required for healing. On the other hand, a dull blade will not cut so sharply. Even though the grass is "cut," the blades are shredded, ripped, and torn which causes the grass plant to endure an extended period of healing and water loss. A grass plant that endures a nice, clean slice is far less likely to suffer prolonged damage or disease, while a blade that is badly torn can take days to recover, experience tremendous water loss, and may become infected or infested with microbes or unwanted insects.

If you're handy with tools and know your way around a mower, sharpening your own blade isn't that difficult. Many retail locations sell a blade sharpening grinding stone designed specifically for mower blades. You can also purchase a tool that will hold the blade in place when you are removing the bolt which secures the blade to the engine shaft.

Your owner's manual should have instruction on proper maintenance, and even if you can't find your manual, a quick check of the internet with make and model of your mower in hand will get you to a manufacturer's website. If you don't feel comfortable with sharpening your own blade that's quite alright - the dealer where you purchased your mower may provide this type of service, and there are many professional companies in our area that will perform this work for you. Regardless of which works best for you, a sharp blade always works best for your lawn! By maintaining a sharp blade, your blades of grass will benefit tremendously!

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