Posted: July 26, 2021

Insects are just part of life in Winona, MN. When it comes to your lawn, however, sometimes you have to draw a line at how many bugs are just too many. This is especially true when bugs are causing ongoing damage to your property, garden, and grass. For lawns struggling with pests, Maier Tree and Lawn offers comprehensive insect control. Our services can keep your yard healthy and safe, even if the pests seem too numerous or stubborn to treat.

Despite their small stature, insects can do a lot of damage to a lawn’s ecosystem. With eating, laying eggs, and attracting predators looking for snacks, pests can become a major thorn in the side of your lawn care. In fact, in some cases, pest damage is ongoing and may not be possible to fully resolved with your regular lawn care routine. If you have pests that are regularly laying eggs, making nests, and hatching grubs, without expert insect control you could find yourself fighting an uphill battle.

Pest damage to a lawn can vary depending upon the insects in question and the duration of the infestation. Plus, not all insects are inherently dangerous. Rather than panicking every time you see something crawling, it’s important to watch for signs of damage during your lawn care routines. If your lawn is experiencing odd dry patches, yellowing or discoloration, new holes, visible pests, or webbing, that means it may be time to ask for help.

The insect control professionals with Maier Tree and Lawn have a wide skillset and carefully catered toolbox for safely contending with pests while keeping your lawn healthy. Insects can be reigned-in with insecticides, grub control, and careful monitoring and treatment. Relying on the support of trained and experienced lawn care experts is essential to prevent additional damage to your lawn. Applying insect killer without proper knowledge and technique can end up doing more harm than good. 

Don’t let destructive grubs and insects ruin your lawn! If you’ve noticed pest damage on your Winona, MN property, contact Maier Tree and Lawn today for expert insect control and pest removal services. Take action by calling (507) 454-7000 or visiting our website here for more information. 

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