Posted: May 03, 2015

Finally. Rochester, Winona and Southeastern Minnesota are experiencing a normal spring. Thankfully, no early May blizzards or late-season below zero cold. In fact, the growing season even started a little early. The rapidly growing lawns and arrival of pesky dandelions caught a lot of folks by surprise. However, just because you haven't contacted Maier Tree and Lawn yet doesn’t mean it’s too late. We can do an assessment of your lawn now and design a plan that will benefit it all season long.

It’s important to keep in mind what a lawn service does for you. They feed your lawn what it needs to be green and healthy. They help your lawn establish a strong root system and eliminate predatory weeds that rob your lawn of nutrition and kill desirable grasses. That’s a process that goes on all season long. Your lawn may have “missed a meal” or didn’t get its first protective coating against the annual assault of weeds, but starving it and leaving it vulnerable to attack for the rest of the year makes no sense. It was a long winter and your lawn is hungry!

During the hot and dry times of summer, your lawn needs deep roots to reach moisture and nutrients. That’s what the balanced fertilizer mix a good lawn service provides does for your lawn. Yes, having a lush green looking lawn is what homeowners are after, but the real action takes place below the surface. It’s a deep, healthy root system that keeps a lawn looking great, even when weather conditions aren’t optimal.

This is prime time for broadleaf weeds to gain a foothold on your lawn. Cool nights and warm days, coupled with bountiful spring rains, are the perfect formula for weed growth. They love it. It’s also the best time to eliminate them. As they grow, weeds are drawing in moisture through their leaves and roots at a rapid rate. That also means they will draw in herbicides at a rapid rate. That’s what your lawn service is counting on. You could say a weed’s greed for nutrients is its undoing. As long as dandelions and other broadleaf weeds are growing, they can be stopped.

There is, of course, an optimal time to begin a lawn care program in the spring. Because spring came early, that perfect time may have passed. But it’s never too late to start.

If you contact Maier Tree and Lawn, one of our trained lawn care specialists will examine your lawn and work with you to put a plan together for the rest of the season that will meet the specific needs of your lawn. At Maier Tree and Lawn, we understand that no two lawns are alike. That’s why we work to ensure your lawn gets exactly what it needs and what it doesn’t need to be strong and healthy.

Because we care about our green and growing environment, Maier Tree and Lawn is committed to keeping our environment healthy one customer at a time. If you have questions about the health of your lawn, shrubs or trees, contact Maier Tree and Lawn at 507-286-8733 in Rochester, or 507-454-7000 in Winona.

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