Posted: March 18, 2013

What a winter it has been! We've seen almost every type of winter weather possible, from sub zero nights to above freezing days, and storms that threw the entire gamut of possible winter precipitation at us - snow, hail, sleet, rain, freezing rain, and that could all fall in just a 10 minute period! Along with the previous winter, we've seen more icing situations than usual, and where there's ice, there's salt. Salt is the economical choice for melting and clearing ice from roadways and sidewalks. There are different types of ice melting products available, but most contain sodium chloride (NaCl), which is simple salt. When the plow truck goes by it is treating the road with a combination of sand and rock salt. If you buy a bag of deicer to toss on your driveway and sidewalks it may be regular rock salt or a product that combines sodium chloride with calcium chloride or magnesium chloride. Salt is a necessary evil when battling icy winter conditions, but an unwelcomed evil when we get into the grass growing season.

The good news is that most grass varieties sown and grown in Minnesota are generally resilient against the effects of salt. So what is the bad news? Salt and other chlorides can accumulate in the soil over the years. Although these nasty substances can be leached from the soil by adequate rain and watering, we entered the winter in a drought condition with a serious moisture deficit. Currently, we are still in a drought and over 7 inches below the usual moisture we should have received since January 1st. As the snow along the streets and sidewalks melt, the salts and sands applied will settle onto and into the ground. How many times have you put down salt only to find yourself shoveling or snow blowing a few hours or days later? Depending on where you live, the plow truck may have thrown a fair amount of snow, sand and salt into your yard many, many times. If you use a snow blower, you've probably distributed salt products across your yard as well. The grass may be resilient, but the continuing dry weather and constant assault of these salt items doesn't help your lawn or your urban ecosystem. However, there are solutions to this problem which can save your lawn and help preserve and enhance the ability of the grass to survive.

Maier Tree & Lawn can help you with this challenging problem. With our expert green care services we can test your soil, determine what your lawn requires to regain and retain a optimal level of support, and help your lawn by applying the required products and nutrients to help your lawn recover quickly and remain adequately nourished. Our green care services provide many stand alone options which are also available in our Multi-step Lawn Care Packages. Give us a call and we'll be happy to discuss your concerns and help you set-up the best lawn care service to benefit your yard. Don't wait until the last of winter's white has melted away - contact Maier Tree & Lawn today so we can give your yard the boost it needs to become the lush and luxurious lawn you desire!

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