Posted: August 17, 2019

The word fungus has a lot of connotations when it comes to home and lawn care, and none of them are especially pleasant. Most Winona, MN, area residents will conjure images of mushrooms, mold, and any number of odd growths when fungus is mentioned, but unfortunately it can be much subtler than a large capped mushroom towering over your grass. As soon as symptoms appear, fast-acting fungus control from Maier Tree and Lawn is vital in order to maintain the look, feel, and overall health of your lawn.

Fungus control can become necessary relatively unexpectedly during your normal lawn care process. Spore growth can occur after a long rainy period, a drought, an overly close mow, and in the event of compacted soil as well as in other scenarios besides. If that sounds like a lot of causes, it's because there are a lot of causes! Fungal spores are hardy and spread easily, which means that a little bit of growth can expand quite quickly into a lawn care hazard.

Along with the environmental causes, some types of turf are more susceptible to fungal growth than others. If you end up needing fungal control on a regular basis, you might have grass that isn't especially suitable for the conditions on your property. But whether fungus is a recurring issue or a one-time problem, fungal control experts should be contacted quickly to assess and address the spore growth before it gets worse. If your grass is indeed ill-suited to your property, the lawn care professionals can help you determine what steps to take to rectify your fungal conundrum.

It's also key to remember that fungus is a lawn care issue that can be difficult to pinpoint, thanks to the many forms it can take. It might appear reddish or rusty in color, white and ringed, or can manifest as patches of yellow and brown. To the untrained eye, some types of lawn fungus may just look like a dry patch. Some of the giveaways of a real fungal problem are if that spot seems to spread, change color, or have a noticeable slippery or slimy texture. Plus, even if you aren't sure about that odd spot on your lawn, it's never a bad idea to confer with a lawn care professional.

If you've noticed signs and symptoms of fungal growth during your lawn care routine, be sure to contact the fungus control professionals at Maier Tree and Lawn. Lawn fungus doesn't have to plague your grass forever, and the experts at our Winona, MN, branch are trained and ready to help you “de-fungus” your lawn today. Call us at (507) 454-7000 or visit our website for more information.

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