Winter in Rochester, MN is a difficult time for tree management. Along with the logistical challenges of getting to each tree with snow and ice as a barrier, it can also be hard to identify potential tree problems without the benefit of leaves to give visual hints. These factors, along with higher health risks in the winter, can lead to nasty tree surprises come spring. Maier Tree and Lawn offers forestry services year-round to keep local trees healthy and ready for every season.

Forestry Services

Forestry services entail more than just pruning. And while pruning is a vital part of tree preservation, trees often need specialized care in the winter that goes beyond trimming. The ultimate goal of winter forestry services is to ensure that trees are as safe as possible during their dormant periods and into the next growing season. This can mean checking for pest infestations, mitigating animal damage, taking inventory, and evaluating other environmental risk factors.

Tree Identification

Identifying a tree that may pose a risk to people or other trees is a key part of comprehensive forestry services, and it is best performed by tree care professionals. Risks can vary from dangerous pest infestations to poor tree stability that, in the right conditions, could result in uprooting. Depending on the condition of the tree, tree preservation experts may be able to employ treatment, additional stability, or tree removals to limit the damage the tree does to neighboring areas.

Whether your area has high-risk trees or not, the process of a comprehensive tree inventory is still a major boon when it comes to annual management. This information can be used year-round for financial planning, urban revitalization, zoning, and environmental health projects.

If the trees in your area are struggling to contend with winter, forestry services may be the solution they need. Rochester, MN area city planners or environmental managers can reach out to Maier Tree and Lawn at (507) 286–8733 or visit our website for more information. From tree preservation to damage mitigation, our team is available to support your local trees.

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