Whether you live on an acreage, manage a property, or are a Rochester, MN city planner, Maier Tree and Lawn’s forestry services are a great way to guarantee that your trees have been properly inventoried. As we continue our transition into 2024, now is a great time to update the tree data on your land and consult with our tree inventory teams to make a plan going forward.

Tree Inventory

For the uninitiated, the idea of taking a tree inventory on land that spans a forest or city may sound excessive, but the benefits of a comprehensive inventory cannot be overstated. Tracking tree diseases, estimating property values, analyzing growth data, expanding biodiversity, and more are all possible with professional forestry and tree inventory services.

Forestry Services

One of the more significant benefits that come with professional forestry services is the ability to review the status of local trees at a glance. The applications for this kind of data can vary from field to field, but trees are high-value contributors to our environment, and allowing them to remain an unknown variable on your land is a recipe for disaster. Is the tree you just cut the only species of its type in the area? Have you clustered a group of new growths that are all susceptible to contagious tree diseases? What is the actual value of a heavily forested area that has suffered fire damage? The questions go on, and without a tree inventory completed in advance, they may not be answerable.

Rather than allowing the trees on your property to grow without essential and helpful information, we can help you make a list, a plan, and a record of all of your local trees. If your Rochester, MN property is in need of professional forestry services, Maier Tree and Lawn has the professional insight you need to compile an up-to-date, effective tree inventory. City planners, property managers, and landowners can contact us today at (507) 218-8777. You can also find more information or schedule a free consultation by visiting our website.

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