Posted: October 01, 2015

Natives of southeastern Minnesota who’ve had the chance to visit either the Winona State University or the Rochester Community and Technical College campus may have noticed the abundance of foliage at these locations. Both campuses maintain detailed directories of their tree types, and it's good that they do!  Minnesota happens to be a state with greatly diverse native tree types, so if the colleges didn't keep track then it would be awfully hard to keep up! This certainly contributes to beautiful college campuses, but at Maier Tree and Lawn we can tell you that the variety also makes it difficult to settle on the perfect tree for your property.

The question is, with so many types of trees that can be grown in Minnesota, how do you find the root that suits you? Minnesota native tree types can complement a wide variety of looks and lawns, but it can be difficult to maintain proper tree care if you choose something too large or something better suited for a different region.

Luckily for all of you aspiring tree-lovers, the web has plenty of tree resources available that explain what can thrive and survive in southeastern Minnesota. If you're just starting your search, feel free to check out these spreadsheets on the best picks for the Rochester and Winona areas:


Once you have an idea of the size, coloring, and shape you're looking for, it's a good idea to consult with an arborist. If the tree type you chose has any quirks or characteristics that would made it incompatible with your property, then the experts at businesses such as Maier Tree and Lawn can give you the lowdown.

Whether you're in Rochester, Winona, or somewhere in between, contact Maier Tree & Lawn for advice, assessments, and essential lawn assistance. Call us today or visit our website for tips and tricks on maintaining proper tree health for your brand new Minnesota roots.

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