Posted: September 25, 2021

Minnesota is a state that boasts flourishing greenery and a diverse population of plants and trees. While this lends to its beautiful landscapes, our trees and plants can also play host to all manner of crawly creatures, some of which may not be beneficial. In Winona, MN, encountering unfriendly insects is fairly common, but whether or not unfamiliar bugs are a cause for concern depends upon the species in question. At Maier Tree and Lawn, we can help mitigate insect damage and prevent infestations from taking hold on your property and jeopardizing your plants’ health.

Despite their unassuming stature, insects can do significant damage to trees and plants. Along with eating healthy greenery, they can also burrow and bore, make nests, string webs, and interrupt the delivery of essential nutrients that help maintain plant health. It’s also possible for insect damage to spread from plant to plant and tree to tree, making an insect problem become more serious without intervention. A single infested tree or shrub may become the catalyst to a property-wide issue.

One species that tends to cause trouble across a variety of plant species is the Japanese beetle. These beetles begin as little white grubs and grow up to be half-inch-long pests that wreak havoc between July and September. Unlike other bugs, the insect damage caused by Japanese beetles isn’t limited to a single tree or plant species. Japanese beetles feed on over 300 different Minnesota species, from flowers to field crops. Because of their indiscriminate taste, an infestation on your property can be devastating regardless of what you’re growing.

In order to mitigate the insect damage perpetuated by Japanese beetles, it’s important to be proactive and consistent in your treatments. At Maier Tree and Lawn, our professional arborists and plant health professionals can help you create a treatment plan that keeps your property insect-free. From basic care to in-depth insecticide applications, we can consult with you to develop a strategy that matches your needs and preserves your land.

If you’re struggling with insect damage or are concerned about Japanese beetles on your Winona, MN property, Maier Tree and Lawn can help. Contact us today at (507) 454-7000 or visit our website here for more information on insect species and our proactive preventative treatment options.

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