Trees can tell us a lot by how they look, but knowing what they’re trying to say can be challenging, especially when it comes to needed tree care. It’s always best to catch signs of stress as early as possible, and drought stress is no exception. Maier Tree and Lawn recommends that all Winona, MN tree lovers watch their trees closely as the growing season progresses and the potential for drought returns to the area.

Signs of Drought Stress

Wilting leaves and fragile branches are classic signs of drought stress. When plants aren’t getting adequate water, they tend to show it in their extremities. Check for brittle branches and dried or wrinkling leaves during your normal tree care routines.

Drought stress may also manifest through limited buds, fruit, or new branches. When trees lack the nutrients they need, they will struggle to flourish. If you’re in a growth season but aren’t seeing much activity, that could be a sign of some type of stress, including drought stress.

If drought conditions continue, your tree may find itself vulnerable to pests and pestilence. A nutritionally weakened tree is a vulnerable tree; breakages and difficulty recovering from injuries can create entry points for bugs to sneak in and make a home.

Preventing Drought Damage to Drought-Stressed Trees

 The knee-jerk reaction for a tree suffering from drought stress is to water it a lot and often, but resisting that urge is important. In fact, excessive watering during a drought can contribute to fungal growth or other health issues. Instead, take note of any symptoms and prepare to consult with a tree care professional to make a plan moving forward. Some tree species are better suited to drought than others, so you’ll want to adjust your treatment based on the needs of each tree.

It’s impossible to recover from a drought overnight, and consistent, professional care will do more good than spraying all of your trees with a hose. Keep an eye on the drought trackers in the Winona, MN area, and if your trees are showing signs of drought stress, contact the tree care experts at Maier Tree and Lawn today to develop a customized care plan for your trees. You can call us today at (507) 454-7000 or visit our website to view our tree care service offerings and request a free consultation.

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