Posted: April 01, 2016

Tree ownership takes a lot of time and effort, and when something goes wrong, it's difficult to not feel personally wronged. For instance, say your neighbors have taken to practicing some impromptu tree pruning in your Rochester, MN yard because their sun is being blocked and it's nearly beach season. You've suddenly been left with tree branches scattered all over your yard. Were their actions illegal, or just disrespectful? In cases like this, start by calling a professional arborist such as the arborists at Maier Tree and Lawn. Let them do some damage control, and then consider how you want to proceed. Do you know what your tree pruning rights are?

Tree rights include a lot of blurry lines and "what ifs" for the modern-day homeowner. For example, picking fruit from a neighbor's tree that hangs over your property isn't necessarily okay because it's not your tree (and thus, not your fruit). Likewise, a neighbor coming over to your property to pick fruit off that same tree is not okay either since that falls into trespassing laws. Ownership can be complex, and this means that even the simple act of tree pruning can have an impact that most people may not even be aware of. Property lines can dictate who technically owns a tree, but the jurisdiction of a tree's branches may not be so clear-cut.

The basic rule for tree pruning sounds very elementary, but it pretty much boils down to either get permission or stay on your side. You are allowed to trim branches that cross onto your property, but only in a reasonable manner. Excessive damage to a tree could land you in big trouble, and could have you covering significant damages done to your neighbor’s property. When it comes to tree pruning on property lines, it's wise to consult a professional tree care company. Not only will they know the rules, they'll also know all the steps to take to make sure both sides end up happy.

In heavily treed areas like Rochester, MN, there's bound to be some boundary issues among locals, but if you proceed with caution and call for a consult, you shouldn't have anything to worry about. For more details on local tree rights, check out the city ordinances in your area. Or, if you're looking for tree pruning assistance in a questionable tree situation, contact Maier Tree and Lawn at 507-286-8733, or visit our website here today.

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