Posted: May 13, 2022

Tree pruning is a great solution to a wide variety of tree care conundrums, ranging from disease management to aesthetic upkeep, but the type of pruning you request varies based upon your personal tree goals. In some cases, a little clean-up pruning may be all you need, while in other scenarios, comprehensive structural pruning is the better option. At Maier Tree and Lawn, we help Rochester, MN area residents prune their trees in order to achieve their tree care goals and establish a regular care plan that keeps trees healthy for the long haul.

Tree Pruning To Provide Beneficial Tree Support

In general, tree pruning is a care option that can address tree concerns or provide shaping to trees of basically any age. Proper pruning can remove and reduce risks by cutting away broken branches or redirecting tree growth that may be heading in a risky or hazardous direction, such as into power lines or beyond property boundaries. It can also limit the spread of certain tree diseases and funguses while still preserving the health of the tree. Structural pruning, in particular, is a great option for a tree that needs branch spacing support, aesthetic management, or a comprehensive pruning plan that keeps it sturdy and strong throughout its entire life.

Tree Care To Prevent Future Damage

The pruning process is completed by performing careful trims and cuts that help establish a dominant growth structure that can be maintained throughout the tree’s life. In the case of structural tree pruning, it is primarily done for young and middle-aged trees to help guide the growth of the tree from its “youth” until it reaches old age. This process is also especially helpful in the Midwest, where storm damage is a real threat. A properly pruned tree will have fewer susceptible branches that may become broken in the event of heavy snow or summer storms.

Establishing a tree pruning plan can help your trees thrive throughout their entire life span. If your Rochester, MN area trees are in need of consistent tree care plans, Maier Tree and Lawn can help. For more information about our tree pruning services, contact us today at (507) 286–8733 or feel free to visit our website.

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