Oak wilt is an annual concern for oak tree owners all around Minnesota, and as new growth ramps up this year, so too should your vigilance. Preventing the spread of oak wilt takes a community effort, and Rochester, MN is no exception. As we ease into spring, watching your oak trees for any sign of the disease could be the saving grace for other trees in your area. Maier Tree and Lawn recommends careful eyes and quick action this year so we can continue the fight against the destructive fungus.

Signs of Oak Wilt

Fall colors are truly a marvel in Rochester, MN, but during the spring and summer, those beautiful oranges and browns could be a sign of trouble instead of a view suited to a postcard. Signs of oak wilt include premature coloring in leaves that, at first glance, may seem pretty and innocuous. The best practice for preventing such symptoms from worsening is to discuss them with a tree care expert as soon as they appear.


Mitigating the spread and damage caused by oak wilt is possible if your household makes a collective effort to limit the transport of oak trees in your area. Oak wilt can spread via direct contact, insect-based transfer, root grafting, and any other method that allows any element of an infected tree to have contact with a healthy tree. Keeping track of up-to-date information and current risk levels is a great way to ensure that you’re not pruning, grafting, or transporting trees in unsafe conditions.

Help for Oak Wilt

Tree care experts, such as the professionals at Maier Tree and Lawn, can help you make essential care decisions regarding your infected trees. If you’ve noticed signs of oak wilt or symptoms that seem unusual for your property’s trees, our team can provide insight, diagnoses, and resources that you can use in order to treat your trees before the problem can worsen. Even if no oak wilt is detected, it’s possible that your tree is struggling with a different disease or pest that we can help treat.

Don’t allow your oak trees to become carriers or victims of this deadly tree disease. Rochester, MN area property owners with concerns about oak wilt can contact Maier Tree and Lawn today at (507) 286–8733 or visit our website to find out more.


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