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Spring Plant Care for Your Rochester, MN Gardens

May 26th, 2023 · No Comments

Early spring is a crucial time for gardeners in Rochester, MN. After the long, icy winter, it’s the perfect time to get a jumpstart on a bountiful year of growth. Whether you’re cultivating veggies, flowers, or native grasses, taking advantage of spring can bolster your sprouts for the tougher seasons to come. Maier Tree and Lawn is proud to provide supplementary care for your garden to help guarantee that your plants have a prosperous post-winter burst.

The Importance of Soil Care

Practicing well-rounded soil and plant care means merging your efforts with the talents of plant health care professionals. By combining your hands-on gardening and daily care with expert tools and evaluations, it’s possible to foster high-yield, nutrition-heavy environments for any type of Minnesota garden. An excellent place to start is to have our professionals evaluate the condition of your soil.

Soil can Become Compacted

Following a long winter, the soil in your garden may become compacted or nutrient deficient. Even healthy plants can have a hard time growing in a garden where the soil isn’t taken care of properly. The state of your soil can change a lot from year to year or even season to season. To improve the health of the soil, we offer aeration services, options for fertilization, and personalized soil care programs. These steps can help improve your property’s ecosystem, allowing your plants to grow healthier.

Proper Plant Care is Essential

If you’re confident in the state of your soil, then it’s time to turn your attention to the plants themselves. Spring is a great time to reflect on previous years of growth and try to identify areas in need. Did you encounter any pests last year? Was pruning a part of your regular plant care routine? Did any plants struggle while others flourished? Keeping a record of your garden’s progress is a simple way to identify troubling trends or unexpected successes. If you don’t have a record in place, taking a close look at your plants and noting any current concerns is a great place to start. If you have noted any concerns, then a checkup with a plant care expert may help prevent the problem from persisting into another growth season.

Once you’ve taken care of the soil and checked your plants for obvious problems, you can make a plan for daily or weekly maintenance that fits the needs of your plants. Your spring plant care routine can include watering, fertilizing, getting rid of pests, and adding extra nutrients. By taking the time to evaluate your soil, prune your plants, water properly, and fertilize, you can create a beautiful and healthy garden that will thrive all year long.

If your Rochester, MN garden is struggling to get off the ground this spring, Maier Tree and Lawn is here to help. For soil care, plant care, and more, our team can help you diagnose and evaluate what your garden needs in order to thrive. Contact us today at (507) 286–8733 or visit our website here for more information.


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