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Ann says:
"We needed a couple of broken branches from trees from the last storm and you were able to fit us in a busy time in a couple of days. Wonderful crew - always very pleased with the service.!"

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When you get a quote from one of the Certified Arborists at Maier Tree & Lawn, you are getting a true expert to advise you. If you are in the Rochester area, there is no fee for a quote. We would love the opportunity to show you why we are the tree smart choice.
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Forest & Tree

Maier Tree & Lawn has extensive knowledge about trees and shrubs in Minnesota and the various things that can affect their health, beauty, function and safety.

Lawn Care

We make recommendations and perform services that, through science and practice, are proven to improve the soil where all roots grow.

Plant Healthcare

Just like keeping you healthy starts with nutrition, healthy plants need proper nutrients to grow to their full potential.

Tree Care, Plant Care, and Lawn Care in Rochester, MN

Maier Tree & Lawn provides tree and lawn care services from tree removal to root care in Rochester, MN.

Maier Tree & Lawn is a professional arboriculture and urban forestry company dedicated to caring for the trees you love and the lawns where you live. Based in Rochester, Minnesota, Maier Tree & Lawn offers tree pruning, tree removal, plant health care, lawn care and consulting services for a diverse clientele including homeowners, businesses, and municipalities. With many certified arborists on our staff, you can be sure that our tree and lawn services will meet your highest expectations. From the roots of your lawn to the tops of your trees, Maier Tree & Lawn has the expertise and equipment to make your landscape look its best.

Maier Tree & Lawn proudly serves the surrounding communities of Rochester and Olmsted County. We also provide tree and lawn services in Byron, Mantorville, Stewartville, Pine Island, Kasson, Oronoco, Winona, and other areas in Southeast Minnesota. Contact us today to schedule a tree care or lawn care consultation.

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Let's define soil compaction as when pressure applied to soil closes any air spaces between the individual soil particles. Should this matter for your lawn care? According to our experts at Maier Tree & Lawn, that depends on many factors in southeastern Minnesota. How can you tell when your soil is compacted? If you take a sharp object full post »

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