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Staying on Top of Oak Wilt and Bur Oak Blight in Rochester, MN

August 25th, 2017 · No Comments

The mighty Oak is a tree has a long history in Rochester, MN. Boasting a wide number of varieties, some types of Oak can grow up to 150 feet tall and can feature trunks wider than three feet. But as powerful as they appear, like all trees, oaks are tragically susceptible to disease. Two particular fungi tend to make themselves apparent in the late summer, and the tree experts at Maier Tree and Lawn want all tree enthusiasts to know what signs of trouble to look for in their towering leafy compatriots.

Some of the symptoms of bur oak blight can be confused with the more widely spread oak wilt. Their similar names are understandable when you look at the damage they cause side by side. Leaf death, wilting, browning, and purple lesions are all symptoms that both fungi cause, but the damage that oak wilt causes goes even further. Oak wilt can cause leaf death from the top of the tree downward at impressive rates. It also causes discoloration under the bark as it infests the tree.

Oak wilt is highly contagious and has been spreading since the 1940s. Without quick treatment, it can be fatal to trees. Certain measures can be taken to prevent the spread such as limiting firewood transportation and trunk injection treatments. Preventative measures are important as Oak wilt also has the ability to infect every type of oak, which is what sets it apart from Bur Oak Blight more than any other characteristic. As its name indicates, Bur Oak Blight only appears on Bur Oaks. This is good news for some tree owners who may be working with other varieties, but for Bur owners the blight has appeared with a vengeance in late summer and early fall for the last several years.

If you have spotted any signs of Oak Wilt or Bur Oak Blight in your Rochester, MN, trees, contact Maier Tree and Lawn at (507) 286-8733 or by visiting our website here for information on the proper steps to take. For a tree too far gone, removal may be the only option, but determining the proper containment methods and treatment can prevent other trees from suffering the same fate.

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Protect Your Trees Against Major Storm Damage in Winona, MN

August 23rd, 2017 · No Comments

Trees are some of the most robust residents of Winona, MN. Very little can surpass the sheer longevity of healthy adult trees, and this is true even when taking those harsh, icy winters into account. But, tragically, sturdiness doesn’t equal invincibility. In the face of wild winds and extreme downpours, even the toughest tree can sustain significant storm damage. The tree care professionals of Maier Tree and Lawn encourage all tree owners to be especially vigilant after a storm because major damage can be bad news for trees and tree owners alike.

Major signs of storm damage are, generally, going to be very obvious. If you wake up to your elm inside of your reading study, you likely have a major issue. But, thanks to the natural structure of trees, sometimes even major damage won’t stand out. A canopy of branches and leaves can mask damage such as cracked branches or disconnected sections. If grown close together, an uprooted trunk can be camouflaged by its neighbors. And thanks to their height, a branch hanging treacherously may be outside your view during your tree care routine.

Each of these aspects of storm damage can vary widely from a nuisance to a serious danger. Dangling branches can become dislodged and fall onto your or a neighbor’s property. In a worst-case scenario, such a branch could even strike a person. Similarly, a disconnected branch left unattended could interact with a power line which could lead to fire or widespread power outages. For county folk living off well water, this could mean no access to water for hours or even days.

There’s plenty to be concerned about after a major storm in Winona, MN, but don’t let your trees escape your scrutiny. In the event that you encounter damage during your routine tree care or have concerns about the safety of your trees, contact the storm damage specialists of Maier Tree and Lawn at (507) 454-7000 or by visiting our website here for more information.

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Coping with Japanese Beetles and Tree Insect Control in Rochester, MN

August 11th, 2017 · No Comments

Summertime in Rochester, MN, which is an excellent time for gardening, landscaping, and home upkeep, is unfortunately also prime-time for the Japanese beetle. These common pests are a big fan of most things leafy, and their most active months are July and August. Tree insect control specialists encourage any tree care enthusiast who isn’t already familiar with these troublesome little bugs to learn how to identify them. With a little knowledge of this common pest you can contact the experts at Maier Tree and Lawn and shake that beetle fever.

Though Japanese beetles are still named for their country of origin, they’ve actually been in the U.S. since the early 1900’s. This is good news in some ways because it means that a lot is known about their appearances and habits. Since the first step of tree insect control is tree insect identification, you should try to get acquainted with the Japanese beetle’s style. They are identifiable by their bright metallic green and brown coloration paired with a patchy white and brown underside. Once you can identify them, they’re pretty hard to miss.

Japanese beetles, like many common pests, are hungry for a wide variety of foliage, but they especially enjoy fruiting trees and bushes. Their modus operandi is usually to feed on the leaves of the plant or tree extensively. This not only looks tacky, but it also weakens the plants in question. If you see a lot of them at once, it could be very bad news for your trees.

Some good news about Japanese beetles is that, unlike some common pests, they’re large enough to see and remove by hand. If you’re comfortable touching them you could dispose of them manually. But, for more serious infestations, pesticides are viable the more option.

If you’ve encountered Japanese beetles on your property and are considering using pesticides for tree insect control, remember that properly utilizing these tools is something best left to the professionals. If your Rochester, MN, landscaping or trees have been impacted by Japanese beetles, call Maier Tree and Lawn at (507) 454-7000 or by visiting our website here for more information.

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Why Mulch Provides the Best Cover up for Above Ground Roots in the Winona, MN

July 25th, 2017 · No Comments

At Maier Tree, we’re all about helping you add to the curb appeal of the trees at your Winona, MN, residence.

Their health is our number one priority, of course, but who doesn’t want their trees to look their best as well?

Throughout our series of posts, we’ve talked about the negative impacts to the health and aesthetic appeal of trees such as infestation, severe weather conditions, and lack of proper pruning.

While the topic we’re going to talk about today isn’t necessarily threatening to your tree, it’s an issue that needs to be addressed the right away.

Above ground roots that begin to spread don’t exactly provide the picturesque appeal you hope for.

First, we’re going to review some of the common mistakes people make when trying to cover above ground roots. Then we’ll explain why mulch can provide a safe and aesthetically appealing solution.

Common Mistakes Made When Dealing with Above Ground Roots

 Some of the most common mistakes when dealing with above ground roots include:

  • Putting grass or flowers over them – This seems like a sound strategy, but the plants or grass won’t get much sunlight due to the coverage of the tree canopy
  • Adding topsoil – Even if done correctly, the roots will appear again. Worse, if the topsoil is added incorrectly, it could block nutrients your tree needs
  • Trying to remove the roots – This process often causes harm to the tree and might even result in its death

Want to Cover Your Above Ground Roots? Use Mulch

We have good news. Mulch provides the perfect solution to your above ground root problems for several reasons:

  • It’s safe – adding organic mulch strengthens your roots while covering them, whereas other solutions may harm the tree.
  • It’s appealing – You won’t have to deal with dead plants or roots that remerge quickly after adding topsoil

Maier Tree can help add mulch to your above ground roots. We can also provide a host of tree care services catered to your trees in your Winona, MN residence.

For more information on mulch, other services, or to ask a question, simply give us a call at (507) 454-7000.

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Learning to Read your Fruit Trees in Rochester, MN

July 21st, 2017 · No Comments

Understanding how to read your Rochester, MN fruit trees is not too different from evaluating the health of your non-fruiting trees, fundamentally speaking. This means that recognizing signs of poor health in any tree can be transferable to fruit trees as well. Leaves dying, odd discoloration, unusual bark patterns, and signs of insects are just as problematic in your apple trees as your elms. That’s why the tree care professionals with Maier Tree and Lawn recommend keeping an eye out for these other problem signs that may only manifest in trees that bear fruit.

For fruit tree owners who have been raising trees through several fruit-bearing cycles, a good indication of a possible problem is any notable changes. This may sound vague as far as tree care goes, but notable changes can include the color of the leaves, the cycle of fruiting and blooming, or just the size of the fruit being produced. Discrepancies are to be expected when you’re dealing with nature, but major, persisting changes should be investigated.

For fruit tree care newbies, look for obvious discoloration, bugs, or noticeable signs of rot. If your tree fails to bear fruit for what seems to be an unusual amount of time, don’t be afraid to consult a tree care expert just to make sure things are ship-shape in tree town. If your tree has produced fruit successfully, great, but be vigilant for excessive scabbing or any signs of fungus. You may not get a perfect harvest every time, but more than a little of the aforementioned symptoms could still be indicative of a deeper issue.

If your Rochester, MN area fruit trees are exhibiting worrying, visible signs of stress or disease, or perhaps are just acting a little out of the ordinary, contact Maier Tree and Lawn today by calling (507) 454-7000, or by visiting our website here for more information.

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Three Common Pests You May Find in Your Winona, MN Trees

June 28th, 2017 · No Comments

You’d think that trees would have enough to deal with just being at nature’s mercy every day of the year in Winona, MN. Unfortunately, the risks they face extend even further beyond heat, cold, and wind. Minnesota trees also have to suffer the attention of common pests that come in all shapes and sizes. The tree care experts with Maier Tree and Lawn encourage those new to tree care to learn to identify any obvious changes these common pests may bring, and be ready to act if you spot them on your property.

Anyone who’s been engaging in regular tree care may think they can identify the risk factors that your trees face on sight, but the common pests that your trees encounter may look a little different than what you imagine. These creatures extend from mites to moths, and the warning signs can be easier to miss than you expect.

One of the most talked about Minnesotan tree pests in recent years is the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB), and many tree care hobbyists are likely familiar with these little insects.  Shiny and bright green, they’re as distinctive as they are destructive. As their name indicates, they primarily impact ash trees on a large scale. This is one common pest that, if spotted, should be reported immediately.

Another common pest is the invasive Japanese beetle. These invasive insects are damaging to turf and ornamental plants. During the winter and spring months, grubs live underground, growing and feeding on grass roots as they grow. In the summer months, they emerge from the soil as fully grown beetles, and begin wreaking havoc on above-ground plants.

These big-name bugs can all mean trouble for your Winona, MN boughs, whether they swarm, fly, or crawl. If you suspect that any of these common pests have come into contact with your trees, contact Maier Tree and Lawn at (507) 454-7000, or by visiting our website here for more information. When it comes to tree pests, early detection is, by far, the best weapon you have.

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The Scientific Side of Tree Fertilization in Winona, MN

June 15th, 2017 · No Comments

Any seasoned green thumb has probably encountered their share of fertilizers. Whether you take the organic route and make your own, or are a little more keen on professionally mixed power-fertilizers, the benefits of fertilizers for a majority of hobby plants is not contested.

That same passion, however, doesn’t seem to hold true for trees. Trees are generally looked upon as being totally self-sufficient. A little trim here and a little coaxing for the young ones is all it takes to get great results; no tree fertilization required! In reality, that way of thinking just isn’t accurate. For those of you living within the Winona, MN city limits, the tree care experts at Maier Tree and Lawn want you to know that tree fertilization will help your trees reach their full and healthiest potential.

Though it’s true trees are usually tougher than the average daisy, their robust appearance is heavily dependent on what you can’t see – their roots. A tree’s root system creates a naturally symbiotic relationship with the soil and the other trees around it. A tree promotes healthy soil, and healthy soil, in turn, nurtures the tree. In a forest, there are enough trees to provide nutrients and support for a large number of healthy trees. When it comes to residential trees, however, they’re often much more solitary. Even the most ambitious tree-lover likely can’t stuff more than a handful of trees into their yard. That lack of sufficient tree population means they’re not receiving their share of communal nutrients.

This is where tree fertilization differs from many other types of plant care supplements.  By using products like ArborGreen Pro, tree care specialists are able to treat the deep-set roots with a fertilizer than can compensate for the loss of proper nutrients. Tree fertilization can be especially effective in the fall because many households tend to remove the fallen leaves that, in nature, decompose and feed the soil organically. The concept behind tree fertilization is similar to other types of garden fertilizers, but the methods are more precise than your average spray-and-go options.

If you’re a Winona, MN, area resident who has concerns about the quality of your soil, contact the tree care specialists with Maier Tree and Lawn today by calling (507) 454-7000, or by visiting our website for more information. There’s no reason why your trees can’t be healthy in a suburban environment, and tree fertilization can give them that little boost that makes them feel right at home.

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Putting your Tree Preservation Plans in Place in Rochester, MN

June 7th, 2017 · No Comments

For any layperson in Rochester, MN, preparing your property for construction is an unwieldy task. Putting the days of physical preparation aside, just navigating all the red tape alone is enough to make any native Minnesotan consider migrating to the North woods for good. And that’s even before trees are entered into the mix. How do trees complicate property management and construction?  As the tree care professionals at Maier Tree and Lawn know, creating your tree preservation plans prior to construction is just as important as any of the actual building.

Regardless of your personal opinions on trees, they’re undeniably valuable. Not only on an individual level, but on a societal level as well. Beyond providing us with oxygen and aesthetics, they’re also worth a significant amount of money when healthy and fully grown. Plus, with proper tree care, they also do a lot of landscaping work organically, such as aiding in storm water run-off and providing natural shade. When it comes to long-term property value, healthy trees are more often than not a home-run.

As such, in order to keep construction crews from taking an axe to your beloved boughs, it’s wise to have a plan in place before the crew even arrives. Basically, tree preservation plans just set the boundaries so the proper, healthy trees are left untouched regardless of the work going on around them. Of course, you could just ask nicely, but having an official tree preservation plan will ensure your trees escape snip-free.

Tree preservation plans also do more than just keep your tree untouched from the trunk up – they protect every part of the tree from root to tip. Once damage has been done to a tree, even with emergency tree care, it often can’t be undone. Requesting a tree preservation plan before the shovels hit the soil can save you time, money, and grief.

If you’re in the Rochester, MN, area and are interested in a tree preservation plan for your property, contact the tree care experts at Maier Tree and Lawn today by calling (507) 454-7000, or by visiting our website for more information.

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The Timing of Proper Tree Trimming in Rochester, MN

May 9th, 2017 · No Comments

In states like Minnesota, the arrival of spring is a renewal like no other. Rochester, MN, residents suffer through long, cold winters and then slowly crawl their way into spring while being buffeted by bitter winds and frigid drizzle. The first week after the snow melts that stays sixty and sunny throughout feels like a new lease on life for you as well as your trees. Many residents take advantage of this shift and rush to Maier Tree and Lawn to procure early spring tree services, knowing that we won’t only fit our services into your rushed spring schedule, but will also make sure your trees are getting the care they need which, to the surprise of some, may not include tree trimming.

One of the common images that accompanies springtime is the gung-ho neighbor breaking out the saws and trimmers at the first sign of green. And more often than not, this image is pretty accurate. There’s a sort of thrill that goes along with the first bout of yard work, and tree trimming is no exception. Leaping into tree trimming, however, can be a rookie mistake if you aren’t accustomed to working with trees in the springtime. Depending upon the type of tree that graces your yard, trimming it as soon as spring rolls around may not be the best option.

There are many different species of trees, and just like any other living thing, a different species means different tree services may be required. Sure, it’s pretty universal that dead branches should be safely removed, but attempting more extensive forms of tree trimming can leave your trees stressed, damaged, or worse. Effective tree trimming depends not only upon the amount of trimming done, but also what time of the year it’s done. Depending upon the species of tree, it may be best to trim during its dormant period in the winter, or perhaps after some growth occurs in the summer.

The best option for your tree trimming needs is to rely upon the tree services experts at Maier Tree and Lawn. Rochester, MN, residents who need spring assistance with tree trimming or other tree services can contact Maier Tree and Lawn today by calling (507) 454-7000, or by visiting our website for more information.

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Spring Fertilizing for Better Long Term Lawn Care in Rochester, MN

April 26th, 2017 · No Comments

Fertilization is one aspect of lawn care that can tend to slip the mind of even the most dedicated land owners because, for the most part, nature seems to do a pretty good job of sustaining itself without the aid of outside forces. But when it comes to your lawn, sometimes a “good” job just isn’t enough. Lawn experts unanimously agree that spring is one of the most important times to start fertilizing lawns in the Midwest, and Rochester, MN, is no exception. The lawn care services provided by the experts with Maier Tree and Lawn incorporate fertilization because it can raise your lawn’s overall health from good to great. Take advantage of the season and consider adding fertilizers into your lawn care regimen right away.

Just like people, your lawn needs a balanced, fortified diet of the proper nutrients in order for it to thrive. If you’re new to lawn care, or have never employed lawn care services before, you may not know what type of supplements your lawn needs most.  There are a wide variety of fertilizers and additives that can be utilized on your lawn, and just because you’ve never used them before doesn’t mean that your lawn won’t benefit from a boost. However, sorting through all of the options blindly is a good way to get overwhelmed. If you’re interested in looking into fertilizer, start small and consult lawn care experts frequently.

The upside of adding fertilizer into your lawn care routine is that a very small amount of proper fertilization can support your lawn year round. Knowing the right type of lawn fertilizer and how often to apply it is a great starting point, but to get the most out of your lawn care routine then consider consulting a professional lawn care service provider such as Maier Tree and Lawn. The best fertilizer for you may be determined by the time of year you request it, the type of grass you have, and the type of soil you’re working with as well.

Rochester, MN, residents interested in enhancing their lawn care routine should consult the experts at Maier Tree and Lawn by calling (507) 454-7000 or by visiting their website for more information. Now that Spring has arrived the perfect window to explore fertilizers is here. Take advantage today!

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