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Poor Tree Pruning Habits That Can Hurt Your Winona, MN Trees

Requesting professional tree pruning is a great way to ensure that your trees stay healthy, out of harm’s way, and on a positive growth trajectory. But unprofessional or amateur tree pruning can do real damage to trees of all shapes and sizes. At Maier Tree and Lawn, we encourage all Winona, MN, tree owners to be careful of pruning on their own and risking a cardinal error that does more harm than good. If you’ve used any of the following methods to prune your trees, it might be time to adjust your methods.

Over-Pruning and Topping

Sometimes a tree may be inconveniently placed, haphazardly structured, or out of control enough that you might think that a “big chop” is in order. But over-pruning your trees or even going as far as to cut off the top of the limbs to limit the height can do  major damage to your trees. Any type of major cutting should only be done by tree care experts who understand the risks and the best way to circumvent lasting damage.

Pruning without Intent

If your tree pruning process is based on whims instead of planning and research, you can end up with results that regrow oddly or in a manner that limits regrowth. Tree pruning without direction can leave you with jagged branches and strange, uneven aesthetics. Professional tree pruning is done with years of experience and a mental blueprint in place beforehand. At Maier Tree and Lawn, our tree care professionals are well versed in the different growth patterns of various tree species and how to best approach pruning them with a plan. Whether you’re aiming to increase fruit yields, flowering, or simply clean up an overbearing tree, our professionals will work with you for the results you want.

Out-of-season Pruning

For some species, pruning during the growing season can limit the growth of your tree significantly or even introduce vectors for disease. This is because crown removal or significant leaf removal can take away your tree’s primary collectors of nutrients. Effective tree pruning is done in line with the natural growth periods of your tree in order to keep it healthy and looking good consistently. The time for pruning varies based on the tree in question, so consulting a tree care professional is always wise to prevent pruning out of season.

Rather than making a cut you’ll regret, call the tree pruning professionals with Maier Tree and Lawn; we’re available to lend our support. For all of your Winona, MN, tree care needs, reach out to us today at (507) 454-7000 or visit our website here for more information.